CHC staff member visits Colombia

CHC staff member visits Colombia

Below is an email sent by the Access to Care Coordinator of our Fairfield County Sites, Juan David (JD) Ospina, to leadership staff after returning from a trip to South America. JD represented the Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) as he traveled back to his roots while bringing dental supplies from some of our sites. Enid Guzman, a care coordinator in Norwalk for Mobile Dental, had the idea to donate excess dental supplies that CHC had and was able to connect with JD before his trip so he could distribute accordingly. Such an amazing example of collaboration not only within our health center but on an international level!

“Hello Team –

Now that I’m settled back at work, I am now able to compile the pictures and video of my outreach event during my trip back to my home country, Colombia.

I was connected to a Church on the outskirts of Bogota that takes care of children taken from impoverished households. Most of the children come from families that are too humble to support them or from hostile environments due to the war on drugs still ravishing Colombia.

Along with the dental kits that they received, as a group we spoke about the importance of education and on being good global citizens as a way to enrich our own lives.”

Please take a look at some of the photos JD took on his trip!

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