Integrated Care for Special Populations

Integrated Care for Special Populations

The following is an email to CHC Staff announcing the Integrated Care  for Special Populations.  It has been edited for the blog.

As you know, CHC has long been a  source of excellent care and caring for many particularly vulnerable popuations.  Among them are our patients served in our HIV and Ryan White programs, our Hepatitis C treatment program, our Subaxone program, and our “Wherever You Are” Health Care for the Homeless Program.  We think it is a logical next step to combined these programs into one department and so today we are  happy to announce the creation of the “Integrated Care  for Special Populations” Department.

I am happy to announce that Kasey Harding will take over the leadership of the new combined programs as the Program Director for Integrated Care for Special Populations.  Dr. Haddad will continue as Medical Director for the  new Department’s HIV/Hepatitis C/ and Subaxone programs.

Thanks to the entire staff of all the programs that make up the new “Integrated Care  for Special Populations” Department for the incredible work that you do!.

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