We’re Here to Help

We’re Here to Help

This is an email from Mark Masselli to CHC Staff, adapted for the blog.


We’re here to help and we do – whether you’re a physician practice in Colorado, a Health Center in Maine or a homeless person in Danbury, Connecticut.

Yesterday was a great example of CHC’s reach and impact – here and across the country.

Ever since we started CHC forty three years ago, people have seen our expertise and come to us looking for help starting important programs or to open sites near them.  It often is a long complicated and sometimes frustrating process to get from the grand idea to the grand opening.

Yesterday, we saw three great ideas come to fruition.  We opened a new Wherever You Are homeless clinic in Danbury.  We grew our eConsults program from a research project for CHC to an important program to improve access to specialist care across New England.  We took our expertise with Project ECHO to help train a new group of primary care providers throughout the State of Colorado in improved Pain Management.

It took a lot of work from our dedicated staff.  Thank you to everyone who helped, led, supported or applauded these projects.  They are just three more ways every one of us at CHC provides world class primary care, especially for underserved populations. Tomorrow is another opportunity for us to help and I know you’ll be there. Thank you.

Peace and Health
Mark Masselli
Community Health Center, Inc

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