A Health Fair and an Open House, both in Fairfield County

A Health Fair and an Open House, both in Fairfield County

Yesterday was busy for CHC in Fairfield County as we provided health and wellness education at a summer camp and had an open house at our facility in Stamford.

Amy Taylor, Vice President, Western Region wrote about the camp:

Yesterday, 11 CHC staff members spent the morning providing health and wellness education to over 140 middle school children from Stamford and Norwalk at the Horizon’s summer camp.  The health fair was conceptualized and organized by Fairfield County’s Americorps member, Rishonda Thomas.  The success of the event is unquestionable.  From the huge smiles during the lively Zumba classes, to the intimate conversations on mental health issues with Dr. Armah, to the milk mustaches and photo booth with Bridget, Sara, and Lucy as the kids definitely learned a lot.  The other stations included nutrition education with Heather and Sayali, healthy eating with Brendan and Angelica, oral health instruction with Mary Ann, yoga, and overall fitness activities.

A huge thank you to Rishonda for pulling this together and providing an exceptional day for the children, as well as to Heather, Lucy, Angelica, Brendan, Sara, Bridget, Sayali, Mary Ann and Dr. Armah for giving your energy and time to the community.

 President and CEO, Mark Masselli added in

This is why we all signed up for the work we do – to serve and to inspire – I’m sure many of those young people walked away with a new horizon

Well done !

Senior Vice President and Clinical Director, Margaret Flinter, commented

Wow! Simply amazing! And those photos say it all

Thank you all!

You can see the pictures on our Facebook page.  Also on our Facebook page, you can see pictures of the Open House on Care Coordination at Stamford.  Amy Taylor wrote about the open house saying

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make yesterday’s Open House in Stamford a success.  From the tours by the medical and dental teams, to the delicious snacks, and most importantly the moving presentation, which featured the story of a very complex patient who benefitted from care coordination, we demonstrated to the community and to our team the value of the work we do every day.


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