NOVO is launched

NOVO is launched

The following is an email, modified for the blog, sent from our President and CEO Mark Masselli about improvements to our smart scheduling system.

Today, after months of preparation with hundreds of staff members engaged we launched NOVO, a smart scheduling system. NOVO, is a Latin word that means to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter and invent. It nicely captures all of the elements that have been key to bringing about this process change. Perhaps, the only word missing is inspired – that’s what I felt this morning listening to our receptionists, Access to Care, Medical Referral, Patient Accounts and Nursing staff as they handled a new system with such class.

Like all new processes we have bugs to work out, but one of the big picture metrics that we are tracking, telephone access, looked remarkable. Compared to last Monday we had a significant increase in the number of incoming phone calls that we were able to answer in less than thirty seconds.

CHC is building a world class primary care organization and we are doing it with world class staff – thank you all; Onward!


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