Healthy Tomorrows

Healthy Tomorrows

For the past five years, CHC has run a program called “Healthy Tomorrows” for adolescent girls enrolled in New Britain High School.  This program has sought to promote healthy eating and physical activity in individual teen girls through nutritional counseling and YWCA memberships while providing leadership training to make teens powerful advocates for a healthier community for themselves and their families.  The program has exceeded its original goals.  Last month, a final report was issued on the success of the program.

On Wednesday, The National Healthy Tomorrows Technical Assistance Resource Center and Community Access to Child Health Program at the American Academy of Pediatrics will host a free webinar on about various Healthy Tomorrow programs and Jayme Hannay who ran the “Healthy Tomorrows” program for CHC will be one of the panelists.

The title of the program is “Community Collaboration: Establishing Partnerships in Challenging Times” and it will focus on how to build successful strategic partnerships and connections with families and the community.

It is just another example of how CHC takes leadership in promoting interagency cooperation and strives to be a voice and vehicle for social change.

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