The New Britain Project Homeless Connect Event

The New Britain Project Homeless Connect Event

On our journey of building healthy communities, our Wherever You Are program (WYA), along with other CHC staff members participated at the New Britain Project Homeless Connect Event on May 11th.

Special thanks goes out to Martha Trevey, Patricia Mik, Melissa Miranda, Irene Nurse-Cohen, Tasha Germain, Caroline Pawlak, Tara Tremblay, Callie, Moore, Roberto Henry, Asya Tsarkova and all the staff.  The services provided made a difference in many people’s life and was instrumental to the success of the event.

Below you’ll find a very cute video of a four-year-old getting his teeth cleaned by our hygienist, Tara.

The WYA program also sees people with medical needs every Monday at the Friendship Center from 8:30 until 4:00 pm.  As with many of our services, too often there is more demand than we are able to meet, so if you are visiting the Friendship Center, please sign up ahead of time.

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