Dental Assistant Recognition Week

Dental Assistant Recognition Week

This week is Dental Assistant Recognition Week, and I welcome it as an opportunity to recognize the vital role played by each and every dental assistant at Community Health Center, Inc.

Dental assistants perform a variety of basic patient care duties and assist dentists during many clinical procedures. In fact, they are the member of the dental team with the most diverse set of duties. They work hard to make sure patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their experience.

It’s important to recognize and appreciate their hard work and attention to detail because they are often the team members who spend the most time with our patients. With so many people apprehensive about a visit to the dentist, we are fortunate that our dental assistants at Community Health Center, Inc. are sensitive and understanding to the patient needs.

All of us at Community Health Center, Inc. would like to extend a warm thank you and recognize each of the hardworking and dedicated dental assistants across our agency for an excellent patient care.

We are so proud of you and the commitment you exhibit every day and thank you all.

Sheela Tummala, Chief Dental Officer

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