Now is the time to enroll

Now is the time to enroll

“Now is the time to enroll.”  This was the message about ObamaCare Open Enrollment from our wonderful Fall Enrollment Fair this last Monday.  This is the message that our staff is communicating to our patients and members of our community.  This is the message that Acting Administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Jim Macrae, MA, MPP sent out in an email to HRSA grantees and stakeholders.

Open enrollment started on November 1st and now is the time to enroll.

Already, the ObamaCare has resulted in 17.6 million Americans gaining health insurance coverage and the uninsured rate is at the lowest level it’s ever been at.

So let me take a moment to thank everyone, staff at CHC, staff at other health centers, the leadership at HRSA, and folks at exchanges across the country for the great job done already, and the great work I am sure everyone will do during this Open Enrollment period.

“Now is the time to enroll.”

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