Dr. Briggie New Publication with His Daughter

Dr. Briggie New Publication with His Daughter

At CHC, we’re proud of all our staff who provide great care and who get opportunities to write about their research and experiences. Sometimes, getting published can carry special meaning, like it has for Cliff Briggie, one of our therapists in Meriden.

Dr. Briggie’s daughter, Alexis Briggie received a request from a prestigious publisher and invited her father to join her. Together they wrote a chapter in a new book, The Behavioral Addictions going on sale this month.

The Behavioral Addictions introduces readers to explore the diagnosis and treatment for patients who suffer behavioral addictions. Each chapter focuses on a real – life case study of a patient struggling with an addiction. It covers behaviors ranging from exercise, food, gambling, shopping, work, love, etc.

Clifford and Alexis focused on the behavior of love, “A Case on a Romantic Relationship Addiction.” They delve into their chapter defining the addictive behavior of love, and break it down into different components that escalate the addictive nature while also providing a case study. They also provide thoughts on psycho-behavioral approaches, treatments, key points, and much more.

Dr. Briggie is very proud to have contributed in The Behavioral Addictions – but he’s even prouder to have accomplished this opportunity with his daughter. As a glowing father, “Working on this with her has been a highlight in my life. It was a very smooth, and productive process, and we were able to give each other candid feedback about our respective contributions.” He goes on to say, “It was a completely professional collaboration and happened to be with someone I love. I am so proud of her – her accomplishment, her ideas, and her professional development. And most importantly, she is an awesome human being! I count my blessings every day.


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