Introducing Nichole, a Nurse Practitioner Resident!

Introducing Nichole, a Nurse Practitioner Resident!

This week we are introducing a Nurse Practitioner Resident, Nichole Mitchell. She had many adventures before pursuing a career in quality primary care as an APRN and choosing CHC’s residency program. Read her bio below to learn more:   

As a teenager I went on two formative medical trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic that kick started my path to becoming a medical provider.  I graduated from University of Notre Dame in ’06 where I did a joint thesis (with my now husband) in Panama on the social, economic and environmental impact of ecotourism. Despite being a full time ski bum in Jackson, WY after college, I managed to work as the director of nursing at a women’s health clinic for several years.  I recently graduated from the Yale School of Nursing with my Family Nurse Practitioner degree, during which I worked at HAVEN Free Clinic, in a pediatric clinic in rural Guatemala and in a make-shift clinic in sugar cane fields outside of Leon, Nicaragua.

I am really excited to be a part of CHC because I am surrounded by like minded individuals – people who really care about bringing high quality, evidenced base care to complex and disenfranchised populations. My favorite part of primary care is that every day is different. I love learning from my patients and every new patient is a window to a different human’s experience with life and health.

If I wasn’t a medical provider I would probably be surfing in Nicaragua, skiing in the French Alps, mountain biking in Utah, rock climbing in Yangshuo, China – or at home with my dog and husband watching re-runs of Parks and Recreation.

Mitchell, Nichole

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