Introducing a Second Nurse Practitioner Resident!

Introducing a Second Nurse Practitioner Resident!

This week we are pleased to introduce a second Family Nurse Practitioner Resident, Jacqueline Brysacz who is based out of the New London site this year. Read about what lead her to the residency program and more below: 

I am delighted to join CHC as a member of the 2014-2015 Family Nurse Practitioner residency.  I recently completed my training at Johns Hopkins University where I earned an FNP/MPH with a focus on infectious disease.  As a graduate student I worked as a research assistant in HIV and TB, completing training manuals for nurses in South Africa in MDR-TB management, and in risk reduction, interviewing exotic dancers on their occupational health risks.  Prior to my graduate program, I worked as an RN in HIV/TB/STIs for Baltimore City Health Department.   Before my nursing career, I developed a solid foundation in community health in the US and abroad.  I trained women and their families in beekeeping as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia, conducted evidence-based reproductive health education courses for high school freshmen in the Bronx with Community Health Corps, and assisted immigrant and Latina women through pregnancy as a doula in Baltimore.

I am excited to be part of CHC because I believe we share a dedication to providing all patients with the highest quality care. CHC’s dedication to respectful, evidence-based, compassionate care is inspiring and it is the kind of environment where I hope to grow and learn as a new clinician.  I decided to take part in this residency program because I want to develop a solid clinical foundation to enable me to deliver the highest quality care to the underserved.  My favorite part of primary care is patient contact- it brings me great joy to meet people from so many different walks to life and to play my small role in helping them stay or become healthy and well.  If I weren’t able to see patients for work, I would probably manage some sort of health program abroad.  If not that, I would put my efforts into swimming across all sorts of bodies of water as I love open water swimming.  When I am not swimming across things, I love to hike and am currently looking for a place to keep a beehive this coming spring.

Brysacz, Jacqueline

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