CHC Participates in GE’s 4th Be Healthy Event

CHC Participates in GE’s 4th Be Healthy Event

The event summary below was written by Community HealthCorps member, Rishonda Thomas who has spent the past year serving within Fairfield County and also participated in yesterday’s event on behalf of The Community Health Center, Inc.

On July 31st, CHC staff members from Danbury and Norwalk went to the Carver Center in Norwalk for the GE sponsored Be Healthy Event. The event was for the Carver’s summer program for elementary school students. CHC staff members conducted sessions on Nutrition and Coping with Stress and Bullying. In the Nutrition station, students participated in a sugar and saturated fat demonstration to teach them about the sugar and fat content of popular soft drinks and foods. The students also played a nutrition game that allowed them to learn about fruits and vegetables. In the Coping with Stress and Bullying station, the students learned about 4 different types of bullying and participated in activities to develop ways to cope with the stress related to bullying.

Below is a blurb written by The Carver Foundation of Norwalk–they shared event updates and photos from yesterday’s festivities on their site. CHC is happy to support this amazing organization in any way:

The GE Fairfield Hub of the Hispanic Forum and the GE Capital Americas Bank Loan Group produced their fourth annual health education program called Be Healthy for Carver’s campers today! The Be Healthy program addresses wellness priorities in different activity stations: Zumba, calisthentics, yoga, nutrition, stretching, basketball, healthy food, and much more. The Be Healthy program raises awareness about childhood obesity through public engagement and community outreach.

Check out the pictures in the Facebook Album of the event

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