Nurse Announcement , Nurse Award and Nursing Accolades

Nurse Announcement , Nurse Award and Nursing Accolades

The following is an email from our President and CEO, Mark Masselli and our Senior Vice President and Clinical Director, Margaret Flinter, adapted for the blog:


Today, amidst much celebration about nursing here at the Health Center and around the country we are proud to announce that Mary Blankson will become our new Chief Nursing Officer. Mary who has been working at CHC for over eight years and most recently has been the OSMD for New London County will become CHC’s second CNO.

Mary is currently working on her Doctor of Nursing Practice at Johns Hopkins University under the Capstone mentoring of Bernadette Thomas and Marwan Haddad.  We thank Bernadette for her great mentoring and for working with Mary during this transition.  We will have much more to say thanking Bernadette for her years of great work at CHC in the coming months.

Last night we celebrated Erin Scanlon’s recognition at the 12th Annual Hartford Regional Nightingale Awards – it was a great evening – thanks and congratulations to Erin for this prestigious recognition.

Let us add our voice to Bernadette’s wonderful tribute this morning recognizing all the nurses at CHC who work day in and day out as part of fully integrated team making sure our patients receive world class primary care.

Thank you all and congratulations

Peace and Health

Mark  and Margaret


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