The work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The following is a message from CHC President/CEO Mark Masselli:

Good Morning,

Today, we celebrate the life and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. as we do every year on this third Monday in January.

But even before this national celebration began in 1986, the spirit and actions of Dr. King  motivated and inspired people around the world.  I’m sure many of you have taken a moment to reflect on his work  or heard his words and thought about ways that you could improve the equality within your community. Although Dr. King did not use the words “ Health Care is a right not a privilege”  he led a life that spoke to social justice and equality for all. He did not see his work completed but he inspired a greater collective responsibility to help bring about this change.

Your own work in this movement called  Community Health Center is all about health equality for every person regardless of their birth place, color, gender, income, orientation,  or religion.

We perhaps forget that while Dr. Kings words were spoken by one man,  he was part of a larger movement himself. Our world so depends on people , all of us, to work collaboratively and collectively if we are to achieve the ideals that he so eloquently communicated.

As this new year begins with all of its hopes and dreams for a better day – may we remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. and find ways to bring them and our own commitment to social justice into the light of day.

Peace and Health
Mark Masselli
Community Health Center, Inc

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