Happy New Year from CHC

Happy New Year from CHC

CHC President and CEO Mark Masselli and Senior Vice President and Clinical Director Margaret Flinter have sent the following New Year’s message:

Margaret and I extend our best wishes to each of you and your families for a healthy and renewing year ahead.

For CHC we are brimming with optimism about the new year.

We live in historic times with the rollout of the affordable care act which continues through the end of March and for most of our uninsured patients the new Medicaid income eligibility standards are permanent and enrollment is yearlong.

Last year had its share of challenges and certainly we worked through tumultuous fiscal matters. Still, we were a trailblazer in addressing a livable minimum wage which went into effect on December 30th this should be a matter of pride for all of us at CHC.  Connecticut’s minimum wage level goes up to 8.70 on January 1st while our new rate at CHC  moved to 16.50 and yet as it relates to equity and fairness in this matter we still have work to do . We will  send out more on our timetable for budget development later in January.

We continue to improve upon our model of care – which is grounded by an amazing staff, supported by data systems from our Business Intelligence team and strengthened by the process tools from our Weitzman Quality institute. Everything else is secondary to the work of delivering world class care and I know you rejoice in this work . All of us come to work each day with high standards, a pursuit of excellence and a passion for improving on what we have – thank you for that special CHC quality.

Let’s embrace the new opportunities that this time of year brings and may that freshness and optimism stay with us this entire 2014!

Peace and Health

Mark and Margaret

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