Funding awarded to Reach Out Campaign of Domestic Violence

Funding awarded to Reach Out Campaign of Domestic Violence

The Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC), is proud to announce a recent grant that has been awarded to their Domestic Violence shelter & service program, New Horizons. The Community Foundation of Middlesex County approved this $5,000 grant for the Reach Out Campaign to Victims and Families of Domestic Violence in Middlesex County. This specific grant has been awarded in the Human Services focus area and was made possible by the generosity of the Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women & Girls.

On an annual basis, CHC’s domestic violence organization, New Horizons, provides services and shelter to over 1,000 women and children. The shelter itself is one element of a comprehensive approach to intimate partner violence (IPV) that also includes community education, support groups, individual counseling, and consultation to CHC’s clinical provider teams.

In 1997, community leaders from across Middlesex County established our Community Foundation dedicated to enhancing and improving the quality of life in the area. They believed that Middlesex county deserved a community foundation like those that were working successfully in surrounding communities. Middlesex is now one of 17 in Connecticut and more than 850 nationwide.

In 2001, a group of concerned Middlesex County women banded together to create the Fund for Women & Girls, an endowed fund of the Middlesex County Community Foundation. Over the years, women have come together to support programs and services, building a legacy for generations to come. Honoring leadership of one of its founding members, the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors approved renaming the fund in 2011 – Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for Women & Girls.

As we begin 2014 with new goals and aspirations, I believe that it is important to highlight amazing organizations such as New Horizons, the Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund and Community Foundation that continue to focus on services that others may overlook year after year. On behalf of CHC, we thank the Community Foundation along with the Sari A. Rosenbaum Fund for their generosity towards our mission of meeting the specific needs of our communities and patients. With this grant, new strides will be taken to help prevent domestic violence and those who have suffered and survived the horrific battle.



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