May 13th is National Women’s Checkup Day

May 13th is National Women’s Checkup Day

     Though it may seem commonplace for many people, the concept of having a yearly medical checkup with a health care provider is not always at the top of an individual’s to-do list. Sometimes, it’s because there are more pressing issues that require immediate attention, and before the person knows it they’ve gone several years without seeing a primary care provider. In other cases, a person may want to have a checkup, but financial constraints, a lack of transportation, or other issues may stand in the way of making it a reality.

     The truth is that it’s very important for all people to see a medical provider at least once a year. A routine physical exam can confirm a person’s good health, detect a potentially challenging medical issue, or even – in the most severe of cases – help an individual avoid death if it results in identifying a life-threatening problem that would have gone untreated otherwise. Starting with the Mother’s Day theme from this past weekend ,the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health is presenting National Women’s Health Week from May 12th to May 18th. Today, in particular, is designated as the 11th annual National Women’s Checkup Day, a day dedicated to informing women about how vital it is that they be seen by a health care provider each and every year.

     CHC is committed to the saying that “health care is a right, not a privilege” so please do not hesitate in contacting our staff if you know you need to have a physical but are unsure about how to proceed in making it happen.

     For more information on National Women’s Health Week and National Women’s Checkup Day, go to

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