Wesleyan Student Volunteer Efforts at CHC

Wesleyan Student Volunteer Efforts at CHC

     As the leaves continue to fall and the air gets increasingly crisper, college students across the country prepare for the second half of their fall semester. Inevitably, final papers and exams await these scholars in less a month’s time, and enjoying the changing of the seasons only adds to their busy schedules. With all of this being said, it is always impressive to see young adults putting aside a few hours here or there to volunteer for a worthy cause. This fall, we at the Community Health Center, Inc. are lucky to have several students from local Wesleyan University in Middletown who have done just that.

     As a recent college graduate who spent a significant amount of time volunteering, I know firsthand how erratic one’s schedule can get during this time of the year. During the little free time that I had during my four years of college, the only thing I wanted to do was take a nap. Naturally, sleep deprivation often ensued, as service opportunities always managed to outweigh my longing for a pillow or a couch. The Wesleyan students who are volunteering at CHC this fall are likely experiencing similar sentiments, but the aid they are providing the health center is both wonderful and commendable.

     At the moment, CHC has multiple volunteer positions filled by Wesleyan undergraduates, and we are always looking to bring more students in for additional opportunities. A few of the current positions are…

Reach Out and Read – There are a few Wesleyan students who are going through the patient waiting rooms once or twice a week to read to young children.

Recess Rocks – Volunteers will be trained in the near future to go into area elementary schools and lead students in song and dance as a part of CHC’s national program fighting childhood obesity.                                                                                                                 

Vinnie’s Jump and Jive – Volunteers are helping with programming and spreading the word about the dance hall both in the community and on Wesleyan’s campus.

Oasis Center – With AIDS Awareness Month coming up in December, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved at Oasis. Many events are in the planning stages and Wesleyan students will be influential in providing support and advertising the events on the university’s campus.

Garden Club – With the cold weather on its way in, we are preparing the rooftop garden for the winter and planting crops that will sprout in the spring. Keeping CHC’s crown jewel green and clean year-round is very important, and Wesleyan volunteers will hopefully play a larger and larger role in its maintenance.

     Stay tuned for updates on further volunteer efforts from Wesleyan students at the Community Health Center, Inc! It is great to keep CHC’s relationship with Wesleyan strong and we can only hope to tighten this bond further in the future.

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