New HealthCorps Navigator Profile – Carlee Clarino

New HealthCorps Navigator Profile – Carlee Clarino

Meet Carlee Clarino, a new HealthCorps Navigator serving in Access to Care at CHC, Inc.!


–          Can you tell us a bit about your educational background?

                        I went to Clark University for my undergrad degree in Biology, but I also took a lot of public health and environmental studies courses.

–          What about joining CHC most excites you?

                        The opportunity to learn from and meet people who are passionate about healthcare and helping the underserved.

–          If not seeing patients/serving at CHC you would rather be _____________?

                        Reading a book in my hammock chair.

–          What musical artist currently dominates your iPod?

                        Fiona Apple.

–          Do you have a unique talent?

                        I make really good banana bread.. like really really good

–          What is your favorite sports team?

                        I don’t really follow a team but since I went to school near Boston.. GO RED SOX!

–          What is your current favorite movie?

                        I haven’t been watching a lot of movies recently but as far as shows go.. I can’t wait for the next season of Dexter! Sept 30!

–           What is your dream job?

                        Well, realistically, working in a holistic wellness/healing arts center of some sort, or unrealistically (at least these days) explorer (but not of the deep ocean.. that’s scary) 

–            What is one thing you would like the CHC team to know about you?

That I love to learn new things and be involved in health issues!

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