Run @ Work Day 2012

Run @ Work Day 2012

Today, Friday, September 21st, was the 7th annual Run @ Work day, sponsored by the Road Runners Club of America.  While CHC does have some outstanding athletes, we have many more employees that are simply trying to stay fit or even get fit.

At CHC we are focused on more than health.  We are concerned about the wellness of our patients and our staff.  We have a wellness committee that helped organize Run at Work events at some of our various sites.  The morning’s events were well attended and well received.  You can see some of the photos on our Facebook page.

From Stamford, Amy Taylor wrote:

Thanks to everyone who came out in Stamford to participate in the 2012 Run@Work event.  We had a fabulous time running and walking through the streets of Stamford.  Dr. Diaz even saw one of her patients, who was waiting for the school bus.

Way to go Stamford!!!

Amy also reported about the Norwalk event:

Although small in number, our Norwalk staff was mighty in effort.   Three Norwalk staff members took to the streets this morning, walking 3 miles!

Way to go Norwalk!!!

From Danbury, Angelica Camacho wrote:

Thank you to everyone who participated! Our team walked the down town area of Danbury for 1.5miles.  🙂

From Meriden,  Melanie Wilde wrote:

Just when you thought the spirit of CHC was missing…

Here comes Meriden!!!!

Our 80s workout theme was taken to a whole new level.  We pranced through Meriden looking our best!  What a fun way to start the morning and what a great group of staff!  Thank you to all who came out and good luck in the raffle.

From Clinton, Belinda Carosella wrote:

What a beautiful morning to walk to the beach

In Waterbury, Becky Eleck wrote:

We had a small showing, as we’re all booking it to Mildred’s wedding in NJ tonight, and I don’t think anyone wanted to come in early.  Ah well :).  We had fun!!

And, in Middletown, Eliza Cole summed it all up with:

Thank you to everyone who came out for Run/Walk@Work Day this morning! It was an early morning commitment, but we all did an awesome job!! Many of the people who participated this morning requested that we keep the momentum going weekly…so every Friday a group of us will meet at the building at 7am and move our bodies! We will walk and run outside for as long as the weather lets us, and when the weather turns, we will come inside and use the fitness facilities in the basement or do group yoga or a workout video. This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to join us. Winter is the time of year when we all get a little more lazy, so let’s start combating the winter blues now and keep moving together! I will send out a weekly reminder about our Friday meet-up, so feel free to join in at any time.

Have a great day!!

Personally, I must admit I’m not in great shape, and most people did better than I, but at least I came in first for the males forty-five and older.

Echoing staff from around CHC, thank you everyone who participated.

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