I Got My Flu Shot Today, Did You?

I Got My Flu Shot Today, Did You?

There are a lot of reasons people don’t get their flu shots.  They’re too busy.  They have some medical issue they’re concerned about. They worry that the shot will hurt.   I know I had both of these issues this year, but CHC has dealt with both of these issues for me.  In terms of being too busy, they make it very quick.  I walked in, spoke with a few friends, checked a few boxes on a simple form and added my signature and sat down to get my shot.

Mid-sentence, as I was telling one of my co-workers a story about my vacation, the nurse gave me the shot.  I didn’t even have time to flinch.  I won’t say it was painless.  I felt the pinprick, yet on the old 0 to 10 scale of pain, where 0 is no pain, and ten is the worst pain you’ve ever had, this came in below one.

Prior to the shot, I described a medical situation with my family.  The nurse responded, “It is perfectly safe for you to get your flu shot and it will be an excellent way for you to help protect your family member while she is recovering.”

At CHC, we are concerned about the health of the whole community, including our staff, as well as our patients.  Making it easier to get flu shots is just one way we do this.

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