CHC Guests

CHC Guests

CHC often plays hosts to guests from various organizations around the country.  They come to discuss our programs, model of care, facilities, and many other ways that CHC can work with other organizations.  We often photograph these guests and are there is now a Facebook Album of pictures of some of our guests.  There are pictures of guests from Health Partners of Western Ohio,  Community Health Care in Tacoma, Washington, Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi.

It isn’t just guests from health care organizations that we host.  Starting in October, CHC will be offering tours of the rooftop garden of its new facility in Middletown.  The general public is invited to join us each Thursday as we explore and learn about Middletown CHC’s “green roof.” Guest will be greeted with breathtaking views of downtown Middletown, the Arrigoni Bridge and the Connecticut River.

It will be a great opportunity to explore the beautiful rooftop gardens, including a living wall consisting of a vertical garden that is 100% self-sustained and soil free; and fruit and vegetable gardens tended to by Macdonough Elementary School students.  These gardens are part of the environmentally friendly construction of the roof top, and the building.  Other environmentally friend features include a renewable solar hot water system, and a high performance roof system that reduces heat island effects.

While the roof of the new CHC building in Middletown may not make it to the top of the Connecticut Tourism list, CHC, like the state of Connecticut is ‘Still Revolutionary’.

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