Reactions to the Supreme Court Ruling

Reactions to the Supreme Court Ruling

Since the Supreme Court Ruling about the Affordable Care Act, CHC leadership has been busy helping people understand the implications.  Here is the press release issued by CHC. You can also listen to a special Conversations on Health Care segment where Mark and Margaret discuss the ruling in the audio player at the bottom of this blog post.


Middletown, Conn. (June 28, 2012) – Today’s ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act by the US Supreme Court will have a far-reaching impact on healthcare providers, especially for those who work with underserved populations, according to the founder of one of the state’s largest providers of healthcare to these consumers.  “ This decision allows progress to continue on providing affordable healthcare to all,” says Mark Masselli, President/CEO of Community Health Center, Inc.

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has already helped millions get access to health care and has provided funding for continued improvement in health care.”

The decision does not settle all the issues involved in healthcare, but it does pave the way for constructive changes.  “Today’s decision opens the door to more progress.  Yet there are remaining challenges, both in the courts and legislatures and in the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.   All of us who are community providers look forward to working with others in the continuing process of making quality health care affordable to all people.  As an agency that has dedicated ourselves for the past four decades to the idea that healthcare is a right, not a priveledge, this decision is especially heartening.”.

Responding to change is something many community-based healthcare providers see as their strength.  “For forty years, CHC has provided quality health care to underserved populations.  We’ve had to adapt to changing situations in the past, and we continue to look at every change and challenge as an opportunity to improve the quality of health care to all people,” concluded Masselli.

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