Innovation and Training the Next Generation

Innovation and Training the Next Generation

One thing that attracted me to CHC was its commitment to innovation and training the next generation of health care providers.  They go hand in hand.  As new innovations are discovered staff needs to learn about them and you wouldn’t want to train the next generation of health care providers on old approaches that are no longer considered a best practice.

CHC has several important programs to help accomplish these goals, like the Weitzman Symposium, and the Conversations on Health Care radio show.  This week a few people from CHC went up to Cambridge, MA in search of innovations we should be tracking and participating in.

Paul Mayer, Director of Communications and Creative Services, and Marianne O’Hara, radio producer, attended the first day of Health and Wellness Innovation 2012 at the MIT Media Lab.

There, they ran into Dave deBronkart, also known as e-patient Dave and a recent guest on Conversations on Health Care.  He brought an important patient perspective to the gathering and wrote up his review of the ten day innovation fest.

Members of the CHC staff are attending additional sessions, gathering ideas to bring into our practice as well as finding great potential guests for the radio show.

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