Community Health Center of Clinton: The Little House on the Prairie

Community Health Center of Clinton: The Little House on the Prairie

Neither the aftermath of Hurricane Irene nor lack of electrical power could deter patients and staff from business as usual at the Clinton Community Health Center.  The facilities team, led by Ray Gorski, rigged generator   powered lights for exam rooms and to brighten all essential areas of the building.  Bill Grehl, from CHC’s cutting edge IT department, created hot spots for computer usage which greatly enhanced our service delivery.

Driven by the commitment to meet the needs of our patients, Denise Jones, office manager of the Clinton site, coordinated medical and support staff services while managing scheduled and walk in patients.  Staff and patients alike relayed stories of detours, downed tree limbs and other obstacles along their path to the Clinton facility.

One highlight of the day was a prenatal patient who was close to her delivery date.  She was full of smiles and expressed relief and gratitude that she could be seen by her prenatal provider.  Dr Ozbek, along with medical assistant Jill Soda, worked hard to make sure all prenatal patients were seen.

Many thanks to all who kept the operation flowing and to Margaret Flinter, CHCI’s  Clinical Director, who facilitated  the Clinton facility remaining open.

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