A Beautiful Friday Morning in August

A Beautiful Friday Morning in August

It is a beautiful August Friday morning in Middletown.  The traffic seemed lighter than usual as I drove in this morning.  Perhaps I was just beating the morning traffic, or perhaps there are a lot of people taking the day off.  Next week, I’ll be out on vacation, and I’m in my pre-vacation frenzy.  I need to make sure that everything is set up and will be covered while I’m gone.

This is compounded by several things going on at CHC today.  Looking out my office window, I see our facilities team setting up for the Middletown Health Fair.  People have been preparing for this for weeks.  Eliza Cole, our Media Specialist sent out press releases and the Middletown Press ran the article, Health fair today in Middletown.  It covered all the key details, from dancing and face painting for kids to blood pressure screenings and information about access to care options.

Yet what jumped out at me was a comment by a reader,

“Thanks to the people who work hard behind the scenes to get everything ready. To put up the canopies, to fetch anything that is needed by the CHC staff…and to pack it all up when the event is done. Here is to the hard working ladies and men who get the job done. Hope the rain stays away. “

It is worth repeating, we have a great facilities team  and they deserve all our thanks.

The Health Fair is not the only thing going on in Middletown today.  It is a Friday in the summer, so the North End Farmer’s Market it taking place a couple blocks down the street from CHC.  Access to healthy food is a big health concern and the North End Farmer’s Market is an important way that people can get access to good healthy local food.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joseph Tollison, senior advisor to the president of the American Board of Family Medicine is visiting CHC.  He has a busy schedule, meeting with providers and joining in on Grand Rounds, as Dr. Daren Anderson and Dr. Nwando Olayiwola present “Pain Management Part 2 and New Controlled Substance Policy”

It is a beautiful Friday morning in August.  Some people are on vacation, others are preparing for it, but that’s not stopping a wide range of activities at CHC.

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