Familial and Medical Homes

Familial and Medical Homes

In a few weeks, children, perhaps with the help of their fathers will make breakfast in bed for their mothers.  They will bring them cards of appreciation; perhaps even flowers, chocolates or other gifts.  Mothers will be brought out to lunches or dinners all as part of the annual celebration of Mother’s Day.  This recognition won’t be for some extraordinary event.  Instead it will be recognition for doing the daily tasks of motherhood, whether it be preparing meals, cleaning dishes and doing laundry, driving from child’s event to the next, or any of the many other ordinary tasks that help create that extraordinary place called home.

To a certain extent, today is sort of like mother’s day for CHC as we announce that we have just received the highest level of recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for Physician Practice Connections® Patient-Centered Medical Home Program™.  The staff of CHC works together on the daily tasks of providing quality health care to our patients.  This video helps explain what we do to be a patient centered medical home:


It is great to be appreciated and I hope all of the staff of CHC realize how much their work is appreciated.  At the same time, this recognition doesn’t really change things.  Just like mothers who are recognized each mother’s day, we will continue to seek new ways to make the home we provide, a medical home, better each day.


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