National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

I love it when things line up just right, when several different events happen at about the same time in such a way that they can be woven into bigger story that makes a great blog post.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and National Nutrition Month is one such example.  I am trying to get this blog post done before the end of the day when National Nutrition Month ends.  There are plenty of other health issues that will take the front stage next month.

It would have been great if farmers’ markets were opening this month and our FoodSmart and Fit® programs were starting in a week or two.  However, here in Connecticut, we have a Winter Advisory in effect for tomorrow with some parts of the state expecting up to eight inches of snow.  While there are some winter farmers’ markets going on, many of the farmers’ markets don’t start until June or July.  Of course, you can get nutritional food from places other than farmers’ markets and we should try to eat as healthily all year as possible.

Every year, leading up to the farmers’ markets, CHC runs programs in New Britain and Meriden especially aimed at women from 16 to 24 who want to eat healthier food and get into better shape.  This year, there will be informational sessions at the end of the April.

Until then, I tried to ride out tomorrow’s winter advisory with a turkey and vegetable pot pie.

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