This Week in Health Care News

This Week in Health Care News

This week, Recess Rocks, a nationwide childhood obesity prevention campaign of CHC announced the winners of its video contest, which asked students about their ideas of dealing with childhood obesity.  The press release is available on the Recess Rocks website.  The Middletown Press wrote about the Macdonough School Video Production Club prize winning entry and a New York newspaper wrote about a Potsdam fourth-grader who won 2nd place.  Out in Nebraska, a physical education teacher wrote about O’Neill Elementary School students who won.  For other fun ways to fight childhood obesity, Ringling Bros. CircusFit and HOPSports have joined forces.  Meanwhile, DJ Kool Herc is rallying people to support health care reform

Friday was Go Red for Women day as well as Give Kids a Smile day.    The Hour wrote about Give Kids a Smile Day in Norwalk.  The Wall Street Journal had a different perspective on what it takes to get people to see a dentist, Dentists Woo Runaway Patients With Foot Massage.  Talk about coordinated care.  In terms of heart disease, USA Today had an article, 10 myths about heart disease.  It echoed some of the same information available in the new Patient Files section of the CHC website.

The Pew Internet Project and the California HealthCare Foundation came out with a new report which found

Eight in ten internet users look online for health information, making it the third most popular online activity among all those included in the Pew Internet Project’s surveys.

Some doctors are apparently concerned about this trend.  A Dallas TV station reports some doctors are now asking patients to sign forms prohibiting them from talking about their doctors online

For Connecticut news, the Commonweath Fund released its 2011 State Scorecard on Child Health System Performance.  All in all, Connecticut did quite well with an overall rank of 9.  It ranked high in Potential to Lead Healthy Lives and Access and Affordability, but not so well in Prevention and Treatment.

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