Conversations on Health Care Special Radio Interview on the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act

This week, CHC’s Conversation on Health Care has a special broadcast about the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act.  Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Professor Timothy Jost, Law Professor and Legal Scholar on Public Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act. Professor Jost, a frequent legal contributor to Health Affairs and NPR, discusses the Supreme Court Hearing on the Affordable Care Act; the constitutional implications and the potential outcomes of the Court’s decision on the legality of the individual mandate.

Listen Now!

Conversations on Health Care broadcasts every Sunday afternoon at 4 PM on WNPR, at 4:30 Wednesday on WESU and is available on other stations around the country and as a Podcast on the Conversations on Health Care website.

Given the great importance of the hearings starting today at the Supreme Court, we are making a special version of the podcast available.  Please visit Conversations on Health Care for many other important broadcasts, and if you are not already receiving emails about Conversations on Health Care and would like to, please join our mailing list and make sure the CHC Radio box in the Interests section is checked.

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