New Employee of the Month Program in Fairfield County Recognizes Noemi Portillo, Stamford Front Desk Receptionist

Note: CHC has many wonderful employees and we are exploring ways of honoring their great work.  Amy Taylor has sent me the following as a blog post, which we hope to see develop into a regular feature.  Please, let us know your thoughts.  – Aldon

Adele Gordon, director of CHC’s three Fairfield County sites, initiated a new employee recognition program beginning this month.  The program is designed to highlight the accomplishments of a staff member in Fairfield County who goes above and beyond expectations. 

In its inaugural month, Adele selected Noemi Portillo to receive the award.  Noemi is part of the Stamford Dental front desk staff.  She has repeatedly shown a high level of customer care in both dealing with patients and working through their paperwork with state agencies.  During the past month, she was able to recognize an 80 year old patient who was losing weight because of a dental condition that needed treatment.  Unfortunately, she was not able to get treatment because of the new Medicaid authorization requirements.  Noemi made numerous phone calls and worked through many complications until she was able to get authorization for the treatment she needed.  Medicaid also apologized to Noemi for taking so long.  The patient is now able to once again eat comfortably and is very thankful for the effort Noemi put forth.

Noemi has also suggested an initiative to target the teenage population within Stamford and encourage them to seek dental care at CHC.  This patient population does not regularly visit the dentist and Noemi recognizes the importance of dental care for them.  She hopes to reach out to their social networks and provide incentives for them to come for cleanings and treatments at CHC.

Congratulations Noemi and thank you for your hardwork and dedication to CHC!  Your work is very much appreciated!

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