Love Shouldn’t Hurt-An art show to benefit New Horizons

There is an unfortunate atmosphere of hatred in our country today.  It is invading our cities, towns, homes and social media outlets.   The hatred is easy to get caught up in, almost impossible to ignore.  Regardless of political affiliation or belief system, the environment of toxicity is wearing thin on most.  I encounter people all day long, every day, who are feeling angry, overwhelmed, in fear and traumatized.  We must be reminded to take a break, take a step back from the hate, and to take a step toward love.

In that regard, I invite you to take a step toward love, friendship, and  peace. I invite you to join us for a night of live music, great food, fun, friends, beautiful art, and LOVE.  We will be hosting a silent auction Art Show, Love Shouldn’t Hurt, at MAC650 Gallery in Middletown, CT on February 10th from 5 – 7 p.m…  This event is being held to support New Horizons domestic violence services, and to raise funds and awareness about intimate partner violence.

Now, more than ever, we very much need the support from our community to continue to offer services to residents of Middlesex County.  Given the current climate of negative emotions that have the capacity to impact our physical and emotional well-being, I invite all who wish to come together in an act of love, peace and friendship to join us. Whether you are in the market for purchasing art or simply in need of an enriched, wholesome environment in which you can find a moment of warmth and good-will, please, join us, in LOVE.


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