Extraordinary Care: Operations Manager Connects Homeless Patient with Long Lost Daughter

Today, Kai S. Perry, Operations Manager for our Meriden and Bristol sites sent the following email to our operations managers’ team explaining why she missed a meeting, and about what it really means to be an operations manager at CHC.

Hello team

I am sorry I missed our meeting today.  I had a patient who is a frequent flyer here who needed my assistance.  This man comes in and speaks to me daily.  I know his life story of being an engineer then being laid off and turning to alcohol for answers.

He was recently evicted and is now homeless.  I often heard him speak of his children when he comes  in, so I asked him today where his children were.  He broke down and cried about how he has not seen or heard from them in over 20 years.  All he knew were their names and what colleges they went to.

With the help of Facebook and google I was able to connect this man with his daughter who thought he was dead.  The light that ignited him when he heard his daughters voice is one that I will never forget.  I’m a ball of emotions right now, but this perfectly summarizes why I love working  with our patients and there are somethings that we do as operations managers that can’t be put into a job description.

He took up a good portion of my morning – over an hour to be exact, but I honestly must say that was one of the most rewarding hour I spent in a long time.

This is why I know I am where I need to be.

Enjoy your day!

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