New Kid on the Block

I am wearing new shoes today. I am wearing new shoes for my new role as Director of Domestic Violence, Research and Education at Community Health Center Inc.’s New Horizons.  I am the New Kid on the Block among devoted and talented Executive Directors of domestic violence agencies across the state, all supported by the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

As a mother and psychologist, I have a ton of experience under my belt.  I can pack a lunch while bandaging a booboo, and I can diagnose and treat a wide range of psychological disorders.  I have a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology, a PhD in Clinical Psychology and dozens of Mother’s Day cards saved in my china cabinet.  For the day that lies ahead of me I have my laptop, my purse, my lunch bag, and of course, my breastpump.  However, as my new shoes walked me into the shelter on my first day back from maternity leave, I realize that nothing has prepared me for what lies ahead.  There are women and children in shelter who need a Director to protect, advocate for, and provide for them.

I have an amazing staff that needs me to lead, teach, support and guide them through the extremely challenging, and rewarding work that they do on a daily basis.  I realize that as any new kid on the block, I must make myself vulnerable, stretch out my hand, and introduce myself to the neighborhood of domestic violence experts across the state.  So to you my esteemed colleagues and fellow Executive Directors, I say, hello and thank you for having me.  I am thrilled to be here!

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