A Certified Application Counselor’s View on the Past Enrollment Period

At the September 17th press conference Jim Wadleigh, the Access Health CT acting CEO, referenced the impact that community health centers had on the open enrollment period. They were referred to as an excellent enrollment source and substantial contributor to the success of Access Health CT. The open enrollment this past year was able to help the Connecticut populations most in need. Over half of those newly enrolled in Medicaid, or a plan from the exchange, were previously uninsured. The effort of the Federally Qualified Health Centers certainly engaged and empowered these populations to apply, evidenced by the more than 15,000 people who were enrolled through their assistance.

We asked Shannon Bali, a certified application counselor, here at Community Health Center Inc. for some of her thoughts on this past year’s enrollment, working with Access Health CT, and this upcoming year, view below!


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