An Open Letter to Gov. Malloy Concerning Immigrants’ Health

Yesterday, CHC President and CEO, Mark Masselli sent an open letter to Governor Malloy concerning the influx of children immigrants fleeing violence in their native countries.

We are facing a humanitarian crisis in America with the influx of children fleeing violence in their native countries.  As a nation, our most immediate concern must be to properly care for these children.  We applaud your efforts as Governor to find adequate housing for these children.  We know that beyond housing you are concerned about their other needs like health care and we are interested in helping address this part of the issue.

For over forty years, CHC has provided primary care to underserved populations, regardless of their immigration status.  In addition to our offices across the state, from Stamford to Groton and up to Enfield, we provide medical, dental and behavioral health services in over 200 locations to patients wherever they are, from our school based health centers to shelters.

We are sure that other health care organizations around the state will also be eager to help and we would be happy to assist with coordination efforts.

Please let us know if you intend to establish an interdisciplinary team to address these issues.  We would be glad to participate.

An Open Letter to Gov. Malloy Concerning Immigrants

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