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Dr. Bernadette Thomas, DNP

It is with great joy that I share a blog post submitted by Margaret Flinter via her cellphone from Baltimore.  Thank you Margaret for submitting this:  Today Dr. Nwando Olayiwola and I came to Baltimore for the dissertation defense of … Continue reading

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Dr. John Wennberg, the Peggy Y. Thomson Professor for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth College.

This week on Conversations on Health Care, Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Dr. John Wennberg whose research for the past 40 years has focused on variations in health care around the country and its implications on the individual, … Continue reading

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Building Healthier Communities

It seems easy to get lost in the day to day details of building healthier communities.  Getting patients to eat healthier, get more exercise and regularly take their medications can take up all of our attention.  If we pause to … Continue reading

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Beating the Boring Morning Meeting

Few things can start the day, or the week off worse than a required routine monotonous morning meeting.  Maybe you’ve been to meetings like this yourself and you know how they go.  People drone on and on about things that … Continue reading

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Social Cohesion and Healthy Communities

What is the role of social factors, such as income, work environment, social cohesion, food, and transportation systems, in determining the health risks of individuals?  This is a question asked in the Wesleyan University course catalog for Sociology 315 – … Continue reading

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Dr. Alan Fleischman, medical director of the March of Dimes Foundation

On this week’s, Conversations on Health Care, Mark and Margaret speak with Dr. Alan Fleischman, medical director of the March of Dimes Foundation, about improving maternal-child health, reducing premature births and eliminating disparities in birth outcomes. The Community Health Center … Continue reading

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Familial and Medical Homes

In a few weeks, children, perhaps with the help of their fathers will make breakfast in bed for their mothers.  They will bring them cards of appreciation; perhaps even flowers, chocolates or other gifts.  Mothers will be brought out to … Continue reading

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Rethinking Meditation

One day when my youngest daughter was in Kindergarten, she came home and told my wife that her yoga teacher said that someone had complained about yoga and the students would no longer be allowed to say Namaste at the … Continue reading

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Dr. Mary Jane Koren, vice president for the Picker-Commonwealth Fund Long-Term Quality Improvement Program

The latest episode of Conversations on Health Care is now up on the CHCRadio website and on iTunes.  You can listen this afternoon on WESU in Middletown, CT and on other radio stations over the coming week. I am also posting the … Continue reading

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Pill Counter, or Medical Sleuth

Last Thursday during a weekly TweetChat about community health centers the topic of drug resistant bacteria came up which led to some interesting comments about pharmacists at community health centers.  I mentioned that we have some pharmacists and pharmacy students … Continue reading

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