Carolyn Miles, President and CEO of Save the Children

This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Carolyn Miles, President and CEO of Save the Children, an independent non-profit organization meeting the basic health, education and nutritional needs of over 140 million children worldwide. Ms. Miles discusses the myriad humanitarian crises the world’s children are currently facing in war zones, refugee camps and infectious disease outbreaks.

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Earthquake in Nepal – Relief Effort


Here at CHC, we are driven by the belief that health care is a right, not a privilege.  We work tirelessly to care for the underserved in our state.  At times, disasters occur beyond Connecticut that remind us of us of how fragile life is and the global need to care for one another.

We have viewed with shock and sadness the devastation of parts of Nepal from a powerful earthquake.  We truly are a global community, and many of us have friends or family in Nepal.  I have been asked what we can do to help, so I’m sending this along a list of organizations you may want to consider contributing to.

Please keep the people of Nepal, as well as those with loved ones in Nepal in your thoughts during this difficult time.

Save the Children:

Doctors Without Borders:

Red Cross:


United Nations World Food Program:



Habitat for Humanity International:

Mercy Corps:

Global Giving:


Catholic Relief Services:

Lutheran World Relief:

American Jewish World Service:

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee:

The Jewish Federations of North America:

World Vision:

The Salvation Army:

International Medical Corps:

Handicap International:

Samaritan’s Purse:

SOS: Children’s Villages International:

MAP International:

Peace and Health

Mark Masselli
Community Health Center,Inc

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Dr. Glenn Steele, President and CEO of Geisinger Health System

This week, Hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Dr. Glenn Steele, President and CEO of Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, a physician-led, integrated health system serving 2.8 million patients across 44 counties. Dr. Steele discusses Geisinger’s integrated health services organization lauded for its innovative care delivery models and cost containment strategies that have yielded better outcomes and high-value care.

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Dr. Kyu Rhee, Vice President of Integrated Health Services at IBM

This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Dr. Kyu Rhee, IBM’s Vice President of Integrated Health Services and medical adviser to Watson, IBM’s cognitive computing system which has been adapted for health care. Dr. Rhee discusses Watson’s ability to cognitively adapt to new information and as well as  the new partnerships formed with Apple, Johnson and Johnson and others to scale up the aggregation and analysis of big health data in the clinical and research settings.

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Dr. Larry Chu, Founder and Executive Director of Stanford Medicine X

This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Dr. Larry Chu, anesthesiologist and Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine where is also Founder and Executive Director of Stanford Medicine X, a yearly conference created to bring providers, patient groups and designers together to catalyze the development of patient-centered health technologies.

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Mayors Day at the CHC

The third annual Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service took place today April 7th at the Community Health Center in Middletown. Mayor Daniel Drew attended the ceremony which recognized the impact Americorps Members have within the Middletown community. He was one of over 3,000 public officials throughout the country that honored the national service of Americorps Members. During the meeting with Mayor Drew each Americorps member described their different positions and a typical day of service. One of the joys of being an Americorps Member is that each day of service is unique, with different projects and challenges. Please see the CHC Community HealthCorps Facebook Page to see more pictures from Mayors Day.


The Community Health Center has 14 Americorps Members, all of whom have participated in events that directly benefit the Middletown community. One of the more memorable events took place in December 2014. The Americorps members an organized event called Mission Nutrition to increase knowledge and awareness about healthy eating. Mission Nutrition was held in the Family Wellness Center and incorporated hands- on activities such as “Make Your Own Snack” and an interactive tour of a local grocery store. Although we thought the weather was dreary, over 30 people, including children, attended the event. This is truly a testament to the connection the Americorps Members have with the community.

Here are examples of Mayors Days throughout the country on the Community HealthCorps Blog.

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Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University

This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, global health thought leader, Professor of Economics and Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. Dr. Sachs discusses his work advising the United Nations on the Millennium Development Goals and his new book, The Age of Sustainable Development which looks at the need for a global commitment to ending the causes of poor health around the world.

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One Direction’s Effect on Behavioral Health

For millions of teenage girls around the world, it feels like the apocalypse has finally arrived. It was not predicted by the ancient Aztec calendar or by a fantastical preacher. Instead it came from the decision of one young man, Zayn Malik, whose membership in the boy band One Direction has gained him fame and fortune. For 5 years, Zayn and his bandmates have recorded albums, toured the world, and been on the receiving end of unhindered excitement from fans, mostly teenage girls. Love and devotion of this magnitude has not been seen since Paul, John, George, and Ringo headlined the British Invasion in 1964.

This unbridled emotion transformed from adoration to horror and grief when on March 25, Zayn announced that he was leaving One Direction. “I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22 year old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.” This statement released on the band’s Facebook page has caused a tidal wave of emotions to come flooding out of millions of teenage fans. Vines of sobbing fans litter the ‘Twittersphere’, the hashtag #cut4Zayn or #cutforZayn began to trend, and tweets declaring March 25 the “worst day of the entire week month year decade century” were posted.

For many fans this is their first real experience of grief and loss. While parents may think that their teenager’s reaction is over the top, those emotions are real. According to Dannielle Miller, author and educator, “Teenagers are wired to feel emotional and to feel almost obsessive about things, and passionate and impulsive. So it makes sense biologically that they are this entrenched in 1D.” Dismissing their feelings as silly or petty is apt to do more harm than good. A parent doesn’t need to provide advice but can just validate their child’s feelings and be there for them. This moment provides parents a test run of sorts to help their child navigate grief. This may the first deep emotional loss they’ve felt but it certainly won’t be the last. Providing the child with the tools to handle this moment will enable them to be better prepared later in life. After all, Zayn hasn’t died. He is making a decision that he feels will be best for his wellbeing. And that is not the end of the world.

Courtesy Zayn Malik Instagram

Courtesy Zayn Malik Instagram

Please see this link to a CNN article that provides more tips about to help your child:

Additionally, there is a tab on the CHC Blog entitled “SBHC Resources.” This has a bunch of helpful resources regarding grief and depression including pictures, quotes, and videos. Other topics include body image and bullying. These resources are appropriate for all ages and can be utilized by parents as well as children.

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Dr. Robert Wachter, Author of the “The Digital Doctor”

This week, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter speak with Dr. Robert Wachter, Associate Chair of the Department of Medicine at U.C. San Francisco. He is considered the founder of the “hospitalist” movement and is author of The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age which examines the challenges being experienced in the rapid transition to digital medicine.

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We’re Here to Help

This is an email from Mark Masselli to CHC Staff, adapted for the blog.


We’re here to help and we do – whether you’re a physician practice in Colorado, a Health Center in Maine or a homeless person in Danbury, Connecticut.

Yesterday was a great example of CHC’s reach and impact – here and across the country.

Ever since we started CHC forty three years ago, people have seen our expertise and come to us looking for help starting important programs or to open sites near them.  It often is a long complicated and sometimes frustrating process to get from the grand idea to the grand opening.

Yesterday, we saw three great ideas come to fruition.  We opened a new Wherever You Are homeless clinic in Danbury.  We grew our eConsults program from a research project for CHC to an important program to improve access to specialist care across New England.  We took our expertise with Project ECHO to help train a new group of primary care providers throughout the State of Colorado in improved Pain Management.

It took a lot of work from our dedicated staff.  Thank you to everyone who helped, led, supported or applauded these projects.  They are just three more ways every one of us at CHC provides world class primary care, especially for underserved populations. Tomorrow is another opportunity for us to help and I know you’ll be there. Thank you.

Peace and Health
Mark Masselli
Community Health Center, Inc

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