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Looking at Health Care Differently

I’ve always been an early adopter.  If you know where to look, you can find stuff still online that I posted to the Internet back in 1982 and I’ve been on Twitter since 2006, longer than anyone else I know … Continue reading

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The CHC Mobile Check-in App

Staff at CHC take an active role in finding ways to improve patient experiences, including something as seemingly simple as just checking in. Last year, our technology team introduced Patient Kiosks. We are using kiosks at more and more of our … Continue reading

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Project Echo, Google+, Patient Education, and a Patient Centered Medical Home.

What happens when you ask a social media manager for a Patient Centered Medical Home to write about Project Echo®?  You just might get a strange collection of thoughts drawn into a single blog post.  Ready? Last month, I sat … Continue reading

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Patient Kiosks

What are the worst parts about going to the doctor’s office?  It depends on who you ask.  For some people, it is getting shots.  For others, it might be stepping on a scale or having your blood pressure checked.  One … Continue reading

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