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When I met Muhammad Ali

I was traveling down south visiting Health Centers and landed in the Memphis Airport and was walking between arrivals and departures when I saw a man with a gaggle of young children beside him. Walking by I glanced and by … Continue reading

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Now is the time to enroll

“Now is the time to enroll.”  This was the message about ObamaCare Open Enrollment from our wonderful Fall Enrollment Fair this last Monday.  This is the message that our staff is communicating to our patients and members of our community.  This … Continue reading

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Maria Lorenzo receives Catherine Kennedy Award for Excellence from AIDS-CT

Today, at the AIDS CT Annual Meeting, Maria Lorenzo, a case worker for our Oasis Wellness Center, was recognized with the Catherine Kennedy Award for Staff Excellence.  This award is given for excellence in the HIV field.  Maria was recognized … Continue reading

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Under the BODI Tree

Tom Bodenheimer — physician, researcher, mensch and architect of the redesign of primary care — was the focus and namesake of this weekend’s symposium at the University of San Francisco Center for Excellence in Primary Care. Tom’s career spans 50 … Continue reading

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eConsults: Telemedicine for our Neediest Populations

Two articles caught my eye today.  The first was an issue brief from the Commonwealth Fund, which focused on the strength of America’s premier primary care safety net: community health centers.  The article evaluated those health centers who had adopted the  … Continue reading

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Supreme Week

An email to CHC Staff, adapted for the blog: Greetings This has been a great week for equality in our country.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act so that no matter what state you … Continue reading

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