Domestic Violence Awareness Month Recap

During the month of October, New Horizons was the beneficiary of several fundraising events including the Jack and Jill Music Festival, the Knockout DV Event at 9Rounds, Game Show Night at the Board Room, and the Walk to End the Silence.

The generosity of spirit from the community during this month of raising awareness about domestic violence is truly overwhelming.  It is true that it takes a village to raise a child.  It is also true that it takes a village to lift up a mother, or a woman, or a man who has been affected by intimate partner violence.  And we have nothing short of a ‘village’ here.  A village is defined as the collective inhabitants of a community, and as a whole, is stronger than any individual within that community.

The outpouring of support for New Horizons captures the best of humanity, while those who will benefit from such support have endured the worst that humanity has to offer.  They are Survivors.  And our contributors are Superheroes – helping to restore that which was lost, to build up those who have been torn down, and to empower those who need our support in getting to their next best place. On behalf of New Horizons, we thank you!!

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