Celebrating Four Years of Project ECHO at CHC

Four years ago, on January 20th 2012, CHC successfully kicked-off Project ECHO HepC/HIV to increase access to primary care based Hepatitis C and HIV treatment. With this initiative, we’ve been providing lifesaving treatment to patients that otherwise may not have had access.

Thank you to everyone involved in Project ECHO for your ongoing commitment, dedication and support to primary care providers not only at CHC but also across the country.

With your support many primary care providers have received support, improving their knowledge and confidence in treating patients with Hepatitis C and HIV.  Special thanks goes out to Marwan Haddad, Matthew Huddleston and Jamie Stevens who have participated since the beginning and given advice and guidance to providers as they presented a nearly a thousand patient case presentations. There is no doubt that your service improved and prolonged the lives of many patients.

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