Next week on Conversations on Health Care: Dr. Jonathan Gruber

Next week on Conversations on Health Care, Margaret and I speak with Dr. Jonathan Gruber who was one of the key architects of the Massachusetts Health Reform legislation, and advised the Obama administration on the creation of the Affordable Care Act.  We’ll talk a little bit about the controversy around things he’s said about the Affordable Care Act.

One of the more interesting things that Dr. Gruber talks about is how central the actual administration of the exchanges would be.  It all comes back to the attention to detail that is so important in health care, whether you are running a health exchange, or a health center.  It is this attention to detail that has been so important in the success of CHC.

To learn more about the success of AccessHealthCT and other State Exhanges, read The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Report, What Worked and What’s Next? Strategies in Four States.  Then, listen to our interview with Dr. Gruber next week on ReachMD, WESU, other stations around the country or online.


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