A Little Story from Our New Britain Office

Today, I received an email from our New Britain office which is a great reminder of the importance of what we do.

I am in New Britain covering today and I saw an older gentleman for a blood pressure check. He has only been here once before, about 2 weeks ago for an initial visit with one of our nurse practitioner residents.  He is uninsured, so she prescribed a blood pressure medication through the 340B program.  Within two weeks his blood pressure readings were down significantly, into the “normal” range. As soon as he saw the change in his blood pressure reading, he started to cry. He told me that a couple of years ago he moved here from a war torn country. He said only the upper class can receive medical treatment in that country.  If you are poor then nobody cares about you. He wept as he expressed how appreciative he is that CHC has such a great mission and that we help everyone, regardless of their social status or finances. He said his health was not a priority before he moved to the United States because he couldn’t afford for it to be, but now he is diligent with his medications and lifestyle changes.

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