New Horizon’s Domestic Violence Services Program Receives Grant from Middlesex County Community Foundation

Community Health Center, Inc.’s New Horizon’s Domestic Violence Services program has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Middlesex County Community Foundation Board of Directors. The grant is made possible by the generosity of the Ann T. D’Addario Family Foundation Fund.

The grant funding will be used to support New Horizon’s Child Advocate Serivces program. This program, which has been in effect since the inception of New Horizons in 1979, is an essential resource for children and teens whose lives are impacted by domestic violence. The advocate works with children and teens to educate them about domestic violence and how not to become a victim or a perpetrator.

“The ultimate goal of the child advocacy program is to end the cycle of abuse by educating our youth,” explained Michele Waldner, program coordinator at New Horizons.  “We are thankful to the Community Foundation for providing grant funding for this much needed program.  This support will enhance our efforts in primary prevention and help us in getting one step closer to ending the cycle of domestic violence.”

The advocate is a staff member of the shelter and is available to assist with the varied needs of these young victims, including counseling, school enrollment, help with homework, and transfer of medical records when required.  In addition, the advocate is a resource available to all schools in Middlesex County.

Sarah Chagnon, the child advocate for New Horizon’s, is thrilled about what this grant means for the ongoing support she provides to youth in the area. “I am very excited about the grant funding, as it will allow me the opportunity to continue to work with teens and children in our community regarding safe and healthy relationships,” she explained. “The work we do together greatly improves their self esteem and their interaction with others.”

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