Recess Rocks launches SteveSongs video!

Though obesity is a preventable disease, it’s shocking how many children in this country are far from fit and healthy. Now the most prevalent chronic disease of childhood, obesity’s problems are exacerbated by increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and asthma. Yet just sixty minutes of active movement each day makes a world of difference to a child’s health. That’s what the Recess Rocks program brings to schools. We provide a creative, dynamic movement program for elementary school children that brings fun, low-cost, non-competitive exercise and kinesthetic learning into recess periods and the classroom.

Recess Rocks has paired with Mr. SteveSongs of PBS kids to create a Recess Rocks theme song that gets kids moving while having a blast. We have always been very involved in the Middletown community so when we had the task of getting kids for our theme song music video we decided to reach out the Middletown elementary schools. We held auditions in all 8 elementary schools in Middletown and we had a great turn out with 257 fun, energetic kids ready to rock. We invited all the kids to be in the video where they got to dance with SteveSongs at Macdonough Elementary school, a school that has been with our program since 2004. Incredibly, the video was filmed all in one afternoon and we have dedicated teachers, helpers, and amazing students to thank for that.

With the launch of the new music video, SteveSongs and Dr. Olayiwola are being interviewed by news stations across the country to get Recess Rock’s positive message out. Recess Rocks has also recently added a great new program called Active Classrooms which provides ideas for small bursts of movement throughout the day to get kids to their 60 minutes of activity. The best part is that this information and much more can be downloaded for free at! At Recess Rocks we just want kids to be moving and having fun and we are so excited that we have a new music video that embodies that idea. Trust me, after you watch the video once the catchy beat and the fun moves will be stuck in your head forever!

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