A new experience for EDP…

The following is a guest post by Marie Yardis, program manager for CHC’s Early Detection Program

On Monday September 26th, I received an email invitation from the Hartford Public Library to attend a Naturalization Ceremony September 27th, where thirty individuals representing 19 countries would become citizens of the United States. I sat for a moment thinking about how I landed on this invitation list but believing everything happens for a reason, I cleared the space in my calendar and the next day was on my way there with Nicole Jarjura, our colorectal cancer screening patient navigator.

I often find myself in amazing places with amazing people wondering “how did I get here?” Being a part of this ceremony was an experience I’ve never known and as I watched these thirty men and women from all over the world choose to live in the U.S. I couldn’t stop a few tears from falling. I felt so lucky to be in the position I am within the Early Detection Program. I get to meet wonderful, kind and loving people and I am always learning more about where I work, who I’m working with and why I do the work I do. Speaking of who…

Nicole and I were lucky enough to sit down next to two women at this ceremony, one of whom was leading the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the other as it turns out happened to be the president of the Muslim Coalition of CT.   Our EDP is always looking for new and improved ways to reach out to women of different socioeconomic status, spiritual and/or religious communities, as well as communities of different cultural backgrounds to enrich our learning and capacity to screen anyone and everyone we can!

Nicole and I spoke at length with Fatma and Aida from the coalition and found that they were just as excited as we were to dive in and start building a partnership for enrolling and screening the uninsured women in their communities!

More information about the Muslim Coalition of CT can be found on their website: www.muslimcoalitionct.org. Below is a picture of Nicole and I with Aida and Fatma from the Coalition! We look forward to working with them as they develop their plans for the coalition and work towards creating a clinic for the uninsured! This was a fantastic event and the start to a very exciting partnership!

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