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Men’s Health

Sunday is Father’s Day, so this week is Men’s Health Week and this month is Men’s Health Month.  Now men’s health isn’t an issue just for fathers, all men should pay more attention to their health.  Right now, women live … Continue reading

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What if Leopold Bloom worked at a Community Health Center?

This morning, I awoke and tweeted a few lines from James Joyce’s Ulysses.  After all, today is Bloomsday.  Joyce’s Ulysses traced the wanderings of Leopold Bloom through Dublin on this day in 1904, and literary enthusiasts around the world celebrate … Continue reading

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How Can We Inspire Health?

If one question caught my attention and summed up my thoughts from the Weitzman Symposium last week, it was Jay Parkinson’s question, “How Can We Inspire Health?”  It was a brilliant exploration of the topic.  But the symposium is now … Continue reading

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Weitzman Symposium Live Stream

Welcome to the live streams for the Weitzman Symposium.  In order to make the conference more broadly available and encourage participation, we have set up a CoverItLive page where you can participate, and a video stream from Ustream.TV We’ve set … Continue reading

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Weitzman Symposium, 2011

An alert flashed up on my screen this morning letting me know that the Weitzman Symposium is tomorrow.  It is the Sixth Annual Weitzman Symposium and I’m pretty excited because it is my first Weitzman Symposium and the first Weitzman … Continue reading

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AmeriCorps Week 2011

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Amy D. Gagliardi is named to the Board of Directors of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition and attends her first board meeting

Note: One evening last week, I was talking with coworkers and Amy Gagliardi’s name came up.  One person commented that they weren’t exactly sure what Ms. Gagliardi does, and another commented that it was something really important to do with … Continue reading

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Using Animation to Keep Kids Enrolled in Medicaid

Last month, the Connecticut Mirror ran an article entitled Study: Babies wrongfully lose state insurance at first birthday about a report by CT Voices for Children, HUSKY Program Coverage for Infants: Maintaining Coverage When Babies Turn One.  The crux of … Continue reading

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