Healthy Exercise is No Joke

Happy April Fool’s day everyone.  Have you found any good pranks?  One that everyone has been pointing out to me is Google Motion

One of the ideas that they present is that Google Motion is designed to increase physical activity by getting users out of their chairs and moving around.

In a similar vein, one of the pranks suggested on’s blog post, April Fools Pranks for Social Good suggests “Encourage some exercise. Snatch the keys to your friend’s car and park it farther away in the lot.” has an article To April Fool or not? 6 pranking caveats well worth reading which recommends clarity and sensitivity in any pranks.  We will not be doing a prank on this blog.  However, if you have ideas of how to incorporate Google Motion into Recess Rocks that shows sensitivity and encourages fitness, let us know.

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